a promise in the violence: on heartbreak and healing – butterflies rising poem

there isn't just something to be fixed here; there's a journey to take

on heartbreak and healing…

there isn’t just
“something to be fixed” here;
there’s a journey to take…
you aren’t going to go through this
just to go back to who you were before.
and this heartbreak may feel
like a burning season,
but there’s a promise in this violence…
the healing will be a blooming season,
and alchemy is the way through.
you’re meant to come out of this something
different and beautiful on the other side.

– butterflies rising

Inspired from her 2018 quote this is heart work, and you can’t think your way around this, there’s a promise in this violence is a poem that butterflies rising wrote about the way healing is a journey. We can often want to just “get over it” or “get past it” rather than taking the journey of growth that healing is asking of us. These were both written as messages to let yourself feel the journey deeply and let yourself come out of it all a more beautiful version of yourself.

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