‘she’s flowers and fire’ book

The butterflies rising poetry book ‘she’s flowers and fire’.

she's flowers and fire - butterflies rising book
she's flowers and fire - butterflies rising book
she’s flowers and fire

Before I even finished my first book, ‘wild spirit, soft heart,’ I knew ‘she’s flowers and fire’ would be the title of my next book if I got there. Years ago, I wrote a little tumblr quote, ‘love like flowers and fire,’ for a blog I had with some friends before my ‘butterflies rising’ journey. And since then, “flowers & fire” has come out in a bunch of different ways in different poems and quotes over the years, and that combination of “flowers & fire” has become such a defining energy of who I am, so I just knew it would be the very core of this book.

‘she’s flowers and fire’ is another book of my poetry, quotes, thoughts, feelings…. more little pieces of my soul. And just like ‘wild spirit, soft heart,’ it definitely has a lot of “flower energy” running through it, but it also has a lot more “fire energy” running through it. I still write from a vulnerable and sensitive place, but I feel like I wrote from a braver and more fearless place this time. I like to think of it as “wildflower energy.”

So honestly, I don’t know how this book will be taken, but I do hope the very same things I hoped for with my last book… that when you read this book, my heart and soul come through, and that maybe the words speak to your heart and soul in some way, too.

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